About Us

We're a team of developers located in Spain that started on the modding and mapping videogames communities, we made many different mods and maps in the past. Later moved to the Open Source communities to support and help them, aswell to develop our own software and resources.
Now after a long road we're here to make new and different quality content that any player can play and enjoy!


David "Hevedy" Palacios - Founder - Technical Artist & Generalist

From Level Designer to Web Developer, from Programmer to 3D Artist

Contributed Projects

Awesome Bump - Website
HevEn (Tesseract Fork) - Website
Unreal Engine 4 - Website
Urho3D - Website
More Projects - Website
We have contributed to other community projects and
supported the gamedev developers for years

Open Source Projects

HevEn (Tesseract Fork) - Website
Love2D Manager - Website
Purpleprint Kit - Website
Purpleprint Kit 2 - Website
RASL - Website
Urho3D Launcher - Website
More Projects - Website

Other Projects

L4D2 - DockLight - Website
The Purple Essence - Website
We made a total of 10 community maps for different videogames,
many of them never was made public or aren't online anymore.

Scenes & Maps