The game thats a music player, the music player thats a game

Real-time 3D visualizer & physical Vibrations output

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Features a true real-time 3D visualizer that allows the user to create and customize playlists and visualize the audio and feel it thanks to the new tech to output audio vibrations to enabled inputs as gamepads. Perfect for friends parties or online party sessions thanks to Steam Remote Play (*Only in Steam Platform), meanwhile you develop a physical activity, or just to relax yourself.


The game provides a complete feature list

Different Virtual Devices

Can create and play different types of playlist and personalize them without move tracks with an extended range of formats.
(.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac) and Stream Radio.

Complete Player Control

Extra controls to the typical controls panel you could have, plus the per Hz range visualizer and vibrations customization.

Steam Remote Play

Play your music with your friends and let them choose music from your library too. *Only for versions purchased in Steam.

Top Notch Accessibility

Whole automated settings system in 5 clicks that auto setup the game for different needs of individual users and multi user profile.
Plus audio vibration output to gamepads and enabled inputs.


Some of the scenes included and backgrounds

  • All
  • Music
  • Backgrounds



Main Menu




Flooded Top View

Music Player


Music Playing


Music Player


Compare between the editions of the game and choose the one that satisfy you



  • Core & Tools
  • Single Track Player
  • Cassettes up 12*
  • 2 Scenes
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • 1 Playlist**
  • 5 Tracks**



  • Everything from Standard
  • Early Access to new Content (7 Days)
  • Early Access to Updates (7 Days)
  • 3 Playlists**
  • 14 Tracks**

[*] Limit of tracks per playlist type.

[**] Contents included into the game, need to be executed for first time in order to see them.

Steam Remote Play and Steam Rich Pressence only works on Steam platforms, Discord Rich Presence in other hand works for every game version of PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Right now you can use it as music player and put your music while interact in real-time with the scenes you choose is mean to be used in a event with friends or online thanks to the Steam Remote Play feature (*Steam Platforms Only), when you exercise or just when you just need to relax yourself, the possibilities are endless!

  • Right now the interaction with the scenes is limited to per Hz choose and just some controls so right now it makes it an experience rather than a game as is, new content in future updates will add new chances.

  • Nope, this isn't an option plan to add or be added in the future.

  • If you bought the game in Steam you have access to Steam Remote Play feature, allows your friends to play and watch the same music you have playing, and they can select other music too.

  • Actually no, using a custom version of Unreal Engine, edited by Hevedy make use of custom rendering techs that allow to run it on high framerate at old GPUs, you can check the minimum specs list.

    Minimum Specs:

    OS: Windows 10 Home. (Should work with 7, 8 and 8.1 but wasn't tested)
    CPU: 3GHz / Intel i3 or alike.
    RAM: 4 GB / About 1 to 2GB free.
    GPU: DX 11 - SM 4.0 / Nvidia 660GTX or alike.
    VRAM: 1.5GB or alike.
    Disk Space: 1.5GB

  • Can play tracks direct from your computer that are; *.mp3, *.wav, *.flac or *.ogg. You can import online radios from *.pls files or direct input the streaming web URL.
    The playlist uses a custom VPL format "Visyer Playlist", list all the files from different folders, you can edit or create it with a text editor.